Thursday, 30 March 2017

Aye - Aye.

I chose to base the project around the Aye Aye because I found it to visually be very interesting, it has so many different adaptions and features which make it look cute at one angle and like a deformed gremlin in others.

Here I have captured the Aye Aye's beauty with the medium, scratch board I tried to show how complex it's facial structure is just by visualizing the hairs.

I chose to draw the Aye Aye's eyes as I felt they were very complex and interesting to capture. I was also studying all the strange things about the Aye Aye.

I did most of it with fineliners, Then added charcoal to add more depth and realistic qualities, fineliner is great for detail like hairs and most shading, but if I this case I found that just drawing the hairs and very dark areas with fineliners and then subtle and dark areas with the charcoal really works together to create images with lots of details but also with lots of depth.

Then finally I scanned it in and added the eyes colour using photoshop.

This is a promarker and fineliner illustration of a baby Aye Aye, it's eyes are black because it's a newborn and they haven't adjusted yet.

I chose this image finally because it's the image I used for my front cover which was part of my final piece.

I drew it using finliners and charcoal, trying to pay attention to every single hair to communicate how weird and scary this thing is!.

I then scanned it in to add the hand and eye colours in Photoshop.