Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Acrylic ladybird illustrations
For the Research Methodology unit I decided to look into ladybirds as they are my favourite insect and commonly associated with Britain's gardens. With the painting above I wanted to illustrate the delicacy shown through the insects size and features; I chose to do this through the medium of acrylic paint in order to utilise the vivid colours shown on the ladybird's body.
Warhol inspired lino print edit

After researching into the works of Andy Warhol for his use of bright colour and repetition, I decided to experiment with lino printing as it's a medium I had not used before. I used a black ink to print and then scanned the image into photoshop in order to change the colours making the ladybirds bright and bold, juxtaposing the stereotypical colours associated with ladybirds.
As part of my research process I began to look into the decorative pattern of the polka dot - which is my favourite pattern and is a key association to the ladybird. Here I made hanging circular pendants using acetate after being inspired by the artist Olafur Eliasson and his installations highlighting light and circles. I took this notion and combined it with the idea if the ladybird to create this composition with the ladybird painting being shown to hang in suspense within the piece.

'Ladybird Interior Collection'
The research into the decorative pattern of the polka dot lead me towards my final outcome 'The Ladybird Collection' where I made a set of four interior accessories: a cushion, lamp, door knobs and wallpaper. Research into a ladybirds habitat portrayed the negative connotations in the media of ladybirds within the home; I wanted to take this idea and turn it into a positive. I made the collection by fabric printing, up cycling and utilising old materials within the home which all had red polka dots and ladybirds making the collection stand out as a whole.