Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dragonfly - Hannah Potter

For my project I chose to focus on the dragonfly; iridescent, shimmering, agile, delicate and stunning.

This 3D sculpture is from the workshop we did with MyDogSighs for #freeartfriday. We were asked to go out and pick up scraps of litter from outdoors, in order to create a new something. so I chose to create my dragonfly. Using bought wire for the body, and found sweet wrappers and bird feathers to make it resemble a dragonfly. The bolt things I found were perfect for the huge eyes of the insect.

I then proceeded to make a paper cut of some steampunk scene of a dragonfly, and then made a digital print of it, overlapping like the vision of a dragonfly would.

The vision of the dragonfly was the focus of my project in the end, they have over 30,000 lenses and so this is to illustrate their fragmented vision. I chose the red for the dove because it showed enemy and how the sky is so bright that everything else is clear, especially enemies.

My final piece for this project was a paper cut stained glass window. It is said that dragonflies see their top half of vision in oranges and greens and the bottom half in blues and purples. And so I infused this into my final piece.