Monday, 24 April 2017

Fox - Nia Filipova

I chose to research a fox because it's an animal that has always appealed to me both visually and as a concept. Ever since I was a little kid, I've been told stories about the adventures of Kuma Lisa (a folk tale fox) and I wanted to concentrate my research towards her as a character. I decided however to look at other forms of literature inspired by the fox and found a poem about the urban fox which inspired me to do a continues line drawing.
Then I went on with researching and was inspired by the wisdom of the fox from the book The little Prince, so I did a quick ink piece. 
I loved how the fox looked like when done in this medium so I went back to the fox folk tales and researched more about them while making another ink piece showing how different the fox can be presented in literature. I found out that the animal can be seen as both a villain and a good guy. 
I had  noticed that in most of the folk tales, Kuma Lisa is usually in the company of Kumcho Vulcho which is a wolf character. It seemed that in every fairy tale they would either be best friends or enemies. I really liked that concept of a love-hate relationship between the two animals and decided to base my final piece on that, with again using ink, fine liner and watercolours. I found many quotes on love-hate relationships and combined the best ones to make up a text explaining the image.