Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adam Darwish- Iberian Ibex (mountain goat)

For the 'Research methodology' project I looked at the Iberian Ibex (Spanish mountain goat). This particular goat caught my attention mainly because of its large horns. I wanted to express the use of its horns, I did this by creating a sculpture from wire of the particular goat taking the stance during an attack.

I looked further in to the symbolism of goats in mythology and came across the 'Capricorn zodiac'. In early depictions the astrological sign was depicted as a regular goat rather that a goat with a fish tail.

I created an image with watercolour paint and a white gel pen which depicts a goat head on a background that looks like outer space.

For my final piece I wanted to combine the use of wire with the mythological aspects that goats are surrounded by. I looked further in to myths and came across the murkier side of the myths like how the devil is depicted in some cultures and religions as half human half goat. I worked with the lighting and shadow to try to emphasise the darkness of the sculpture.