Monday, 20 April 2015

Allison Carter - Seahorse

For the Research Methodology project, I researched into the Hippocampus "Seahorse". Seahorses had danced around the edges of myth and have always been a fascinating creature to me. I chose to research into the Seahorse firstly because of their mythical value but also because I have known people who didn't even think they existed. Through my research, I delved into the Greek Mythology of Seahorses and their importance in there stories. I discovered that the Hippocampus was the steed of Poseidon, and in fact, the Zodiac Symbol of "Capricorn" is in the same species of the Hippocampus. I also researched into all the different species of typical seahorse, some more stranger looking then others, and facts about them i.e The Seahorse are the only species in which the Male becomes pregnant.

Hippocampus Abdominalis - Profile Illustration of a Typical Seahorse

Hippocampus - Greek Myth Hippocampus Illustration using Ink and Gouache Paint

1st Solution Image using the Hippocampus Abdominalis

2nd Solution Image using the Hippocampus Abdominalis

Final Solution Image using the Hippocampus Abdominalis