Thursday, 23 April 2015

Paishe Ansell - Fox

From the beginning of my research into methodology unit, I knew I wanted to research into the fox. Foxes are often labelled as pests by humans but after researching into them  thoroughly I found that foxes and humans have many similarities and were not as different as we think we are.

To explore the concept of humans and foxes being very alike I decided that I wanted to make  my own narrative of a fox and human on their travels meeting each other along the way. I decided to make a concertina book with the two character meeting in the middle. I wanted the back and front cover of my book to contrast showing the different habitats each characters live in, however the inside pages to show the similarities. I  started to experiment with stitching as it was a media I have not worked with before. From that I decided to do a continuous line stich throughout my book telling the story with out the use of words.  

My Final piece consisted of a concertina book with the front cover made from a log and back cover made of concrete with the inside paper pages stitched with black cotton presenting my narrative.