Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Kathryn Howard - Owl

The Shakespearean animal that I explored was the owl; I researched into the different species, how they move and the connotations surrounding them. I used my sketchbook to collect findings and experiment mark making in order to give an effective representation. 
I specifically used ‘Act 2 Scene 2’ from Macbeth in order to thoroughly engage with the metaphorical meaning behind the animal.

“It was the owl that shrieked the fatal bellman.” 
My development carried my work on a journey, from topics surrounding beauty, behaviour and symbolism.


Continuously changing between my chosen key words encouraged me to combine ideas; I produced a pop up book in order to express a number of an owl’s qualities. The main focus was to illustrate the owl’s nocturnal behaviour, and how it is an omen in Macbeth. 
I used colour to reinforce the time of day and it was progressively effective because I restricted my whole project into a 5-page book. I used this opportunity to learn how to paper fold and I utilised these skills in order to understand and visualise my concept.