Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dog - Kalem Richardson

This is a poster I made to give awareness about violent dogs by using black to connote fear and the unknown using the Rorschache ink test method to create a dog image.

I was using black ink because the colour connotation of black is fear, the unknown and others but those 2 things would help me make a good poster with a sense of enigma to make the audience question my work.

This page is on the recreation of a dogs' eye using pencil sharpenings and glue.

On this page is the recreation of a dog paw using water colours for one and pencil for the other trying to get the shape and colours similar.

This page in my book is based on the fact that the word dog can be used to label humans just as much as dogs. I used my hands to make dog puppets as a metaphor for human dog.

In this image I used brighter colours like yellow because the connotations are happy and positive, and using more fluent lines while drawing making it seem like a gentle dog.

In this image I used sharp lines and blacks to connote danger and fear and by using no features apart from mouths/teeth which is highlighting the things that we mostly fear about dogs.