Thursday, 24 March 2016

Charlotte Topcott

For my project based upon animals within Shakespeare's plays I chose a stag. To describe this animal I chose words such as; wild, proud, leader, mysterious and delicate. As i developed further understanding of the animal I wanted to portray it through the use of materials to suggest these traits. I chose to use natural products such as woods and glass to reflect the wild aspect of the creatures personality. I also chose to reflect the animals delicacy through the use of glass painting and developed this design so that one piece was intact and another was smashed. This reflected the vulnerability of the animal and although proud can be broken.

Wood cut using laser photographed to show how the animal can blend within its surroundings and make itself unseen

Wood cut laser development to compare how different types of laser could affect the outcome of the design. This design could be used to represent the idea of hierarchy and how the more dominant or darker cut design would be more of a leader. 

Painted glass to suggest that the animal is fragile and needs to be handled delicately, also suggests that the animal is used as a mere decoration and it is us who are the ones who put these animals at risk.