Thursday, 25 May 2017

Chameleon - Amy Tainsh

I chose to study chameleons for my Research Methodology project, I was interested to find out more about them as their ability to camouflage fascinates me.

I started with taking a closer look at it and did a few sketches, I started researching about their behavior and ability to camouflage and catch insects with their tongues at an incredibly fast speed. Chameleons visual abilities are also a huge part of what makes them so unique and successful, I wanted to focus on just an eye, so did a piece in fine liner. I also experimented with adobe illustrator putting together a digital piece that looks like chameleon scales.

I then experimented more with this my fine liner drawing as a starting point and reproduced the image in several screen prints. I looked at artists who use screen printing as a medium, such as Bicicleta sem Freio. I started experimented with a messier approach, but for my final piece I wanted to create something that was really clean and bold.