Thursday, 25 May 2017

Praying Mantis

For the unit research mythology I chose the Praying Mantis as my animal, I wanted to choose a creature that is unique looking so I could experiment more with different materials and medias.

For this image I wanted to see how human and Mantises differ I used eyes to show this as they are a very distinctive features.  I used a A4 pencil and drew from memory I then paired the images together to show make a comparison of the two.

whilst I was experimenting with materials I found using green leaves to create a mantis is a very fun and unique way of experimenting and links back to the mantises original habitat.

For this image I created a stencil using Stanley knife I made the image a basic outline of a mantis because it is very unique and distinctive.

For this image I used an image of a mantis from and old book I found and used Photoshop to add more colours and more detail.