Sunday, 21 May 2017

Jellyfish - Megan Bull

For my research methodology project i chose to look into Jellyfish. I chose this because i found them fascinating, in the way that something whom has no brain can still survive, breed, eat etc. I used a variety of materials and visuals. 

After a few hours of research, i found that they are quite troublesome, in the sense that they can cause quite a lot of damage when in large quantities. They are also victims of ocean pollution. This has a knock on effect to other sea life that are predators to Jellyfish. Turtles being the main ones for mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish. This gave me the idea to use plastic bags as my primary material, and how i can perceive jellyfish as plastic bags.

I also did a variety of experiments using jelly as a primary material, wrapping up lumps of jelly in cling film and pushing them round the sink with the tap on full to act like a current. These weren't too successful as the jellyfish became very top heavy. I tried another with cotton wool as the head wrapped up in clingfilm and this wouldn't submerge into the water because of the trapped air.
I found this unit quite interesting in the way of how I can create jellyfish using unconventional materials and percieve them in a different way relating to current issues we are facing in the sense of pollution.