Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hedgehog - Madeline Bugden

For my Research Methodology unit I decided to research the Hedgehog. I chose this because I found it an interesting animal and an animal that I liked. Once I started researching I found good information about it, however I did struggle to find ways of illustrating this and the Hedgehog in general.

I first started looking at general information about the Hedgehog and I found out that there are more than one species of the Hedgehog and that they originate from Europe and around the UK. And other information like the are born blind and can carry up to 5,000 parasites and fleas on just one Hedgehog. I found that the best information when researching came from the website 'hedgehog street'.
Once finding general information, I found it difficult to find any inspiration to illustrate my research. Although when experimenting I found that using fine line pen and watercolour really worked with the outcome I wanted.  I also used the idea of using materials to represent the softness of a Hedgehog's belly.