Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Satanic Leaf Gecko

For my project I decided to choose The Satanic Leaf Gecko when I stated this projects I decided I wanted to try a more third dimensional approach to the design, I bought some materials and crafted together a rather simplistic reptile shape imaged above, After completing the base design I bough some liquid latex and applied layers of "skin" to the design, building up a perfect leathery feeling skin and texture.
Before starting any of the 3D designs I simply looked at the name of the Creature I decided to portray, Satanic Leaf Gecko, with that name I already had quite a lot to look into and expand upon, first I came up with a rather simplistic sketch and added very minor details such as the eyes having upside down crosses in them to signify the satanic aspects.

After finishing the design I coloured it with different shades of water colour Ink, scanned it into Photoshop, separated the shades into layered and screen printed the results into the blue imaged above. After that design was done I moved over to focusing more on how to represent the satanic aspect, whilst researching I found many satanic symbols and shapes, the two images below take the design of my animal and combined them with satanic symbols, the two finals I feel give a really well received affect with understandable symbolism.  
At the end of my project I had a well rounded amount of materials and effects used, 2D satanic images, Screen printed versions, Large 3D puppet doll design as well a two Short gifs I had created one hand draw the other a 3d model shedding the 'Skin' pasted over it.