Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Lions - Louise Tagg

For my Research Methodology project, I chose to look at lions as I wanted to research an animal that I was interested in. I was inspired in this piece by mandala artwork such as Ben Kwok's work, which includes a lot of fine and repetitive detail, something I admire and love to work in myself, I wanted to put in my own interpretation and create an interesting and mesmerizing piece in fine liners.

As my project went on, I looked in depth into the well being of animals and the ways in which their lives can be influenced, especially by humans. This is a topic that I feel very passionate about for all animals, and the safety of lions became a very important and interesting subject matter for me. I used this passion to essentially create a campaign that advertised the lives of lions and inspire people to think about what humans do to lions and can do to help. I was inspired hugely by my research and wanted to show a clear and precise message as simply as possible. These two images along with one other, ultimately became my final pieces to demonstrate this topic.

Throughout the project, I also experimented with different media to find what worked for me and this topic, and to demonstrate the art of the lion in as many different ways as possible. This is a piece I completed, inspired by my own previous work that I had completed in the same media of black and white acrylic paint. This is a medium I am used to and love to use because of the layers I work in, making the piece enjoyable and my own.